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I buy most of my music so will all of you people in my ask shut the fuck up

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I have a final in 15 minutes and all I can think about is how badly I want food

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You people act like you’ve never downloaded a song before

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delete the download link on your chains audio. you're not helping him with this. wait until next wednesday and let everyone download it on itunes.

Don’t download it if you don’t want to? If I didn’t post it people would still download it. People will still buy it on iTunes.

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Why on earth did you post a download link for Chains? You want him to fail?

How does that make me want him to fail? I downloaded yet I’m still going to buy it when it comes out, I posted it so people could listen to it if they wanted outside of tumblr. Whether I posted it or not people are going to download it.

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Do you guys understand how annoying and tiring it is having to hear you talk about all the shit you don’t like and all the shit wrong with something ALL THE TIME. do you guys ever talk about shit you like. Are y’all ever positive about anything

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Nick Jonas at the Young Hollywood Awards’ red carpet. 07/27/2014
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My internet has been out for 3 days now and still not fixed I can’t handle this anymore

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Download here [x]

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